Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Cupcakes All Dressed Up!

Happy Belated Easter! Its been a while eh blogspot? I havent forgot about you I've just been super busy with life, and of course making cupcakes!

The ones below were made for my wonderful friend Lynda's birthday shindig this past weekend. In addition, I also made a big batch of bitties for my friend, Geralyn (no pic...too tired), and some for my lovely sister Mia's Mary Kay Grand Opening Party. Soo busy!

So I made all of these on friday, and my was it a lonnnng day full of cupcakes! As most of you know it was Good Friday, so I started baking around 10...pm! I finished all of them around 3...am! Ahh I was SO tired the next day. Oh, I also had a baking accident around 2am. I had turned off the oven because I wanted to go to sleep, but my mom convinced me to finish then because the next day was going to be too busy to finish. So I made some batter and preheated the oven. Not knowing I left some chocolate mint cupcakes I had made for an experimental grasshopper oreo cupcake, with the batter left over from the bitties. :( So those will have to be tested another day. What a tragedy! lol.

Anyhow, here they are! Her usual order is 12 of each of these: Guava, Red Velvet, and Coconut. Neat pics, eh? My mama helped me! And then when she got busy, dad helped! Thanks photo-savvy parents! :D


Coconut, with the guava cousin in the background:

An experimental guava coconut cupcake:
I wanted to mix coconut in the guava mix, but wasnt sure how that would have turned out so I just took it easy and layered.

And, the classic red velvet.

Here are a few of the cupcakes all nicely packaged and ready to go:

So, for my sister's party, I decided to try something different with the red velvets. I decided to try and make red velvet cheesecake cupcakes! I got the idea at a friends babyshower a couple of weeks back, and finally got to try. Overall, it was pretty tasty. Next time I want to have more cheesecake flavor in there, so I'll add more layers, or do mostly cheesecake and some red velvet. We shall see. But here they are!

And here's a last photo for you to drool over...i mean enjoy! ;)