Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blue Velvet and Smores


Baby Blue Velvet:

The cupcake (below) on the right is also a smore's cupcake but done a little different than I usually make.

Cousin Virg asked why my smore's cupcake isnt' chocolate based and you know, i dont know why it isnt. But its filled with ganache and that is delicious if you ask me. So this is for you Virg. It's chocolate cake with ghram bottom, injected with marshmallow and ganache. And topped with a torched marshmallow frosting. It was delish.

These cupcakes were baked for Virg's sister in law for her bday: Happy Birthday Rachel! (aww man, pic dissapeared! Will post at home comp).

My niece slept over the night I was making these. She is always such a big help when I'm baking! Well, we had a garage sale planned the next day, so we baked a few extra bitty bites for her to sell.

I told her she can sell em for 50 cents, or a dollar is she wanted to try. And guess what!? She sold a whole bunch of them for $1 each! lol. Then she started selling em for 50 cents. She made about $10! lol.

Here is a pic of her with the smore's bitty bites:

Isn't she just the cutest thing?! :) She is a cupcake monster.

And readers, I'm in need of some inspiration for my next cupcakes. I'm drawing a blank on ideas. Help!

Thanks for reading! :)