Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Inedible Cupcakes!

I can't believe its been a month since my last post! Yikes am I behind! May has been a busy month indeed and in an attempt to update you all and keep updated on current adventures I'm gonna blog a whole bunch right now! =)

What exactly are these, you ask? Well you already know that they are inedible from my blog title, but what the heck are they!? They are cupcake fan-ties! or for those of you who are not filipino, they're panties ;)


Cute eh? I made them for my friends bridal shower. Very cute and simple and very fun gift! =)

Cookie Dough Cupcakes - Happy Birthday, Noahcakes!

My auntie asked me to make cupcakes for my cousins birthday and I was so excited to make them for his big birthday party at Sky High (which is awesome btw because its like a gigantic trampoline! I felt like a kid jumping all around and off walls; but man is it tiring!).

We decided on cookie dough cupcakes but I also made some burnt almond cupcakes for the adults. =) Everyone seemed to enjoy them and I thought it was so funny watching some kids eat just the frostings off the cupcakes and leaving the cake. I remember doing that as a kid hehe...but hey kids!? Did you know that you missed out because there was a special treat in MY cupcakes? A cookie dough center! Yum-o! =D

Here is a pic of me setting up (and my cutie pie cousin who is quite famous on my instagram hehe)

A close up of the cakes

Cousins in awe waiting to devour =)

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Red Velvet Cheesecake

What's better than a red velvet cupcake? One stuffed with cheesecake, of course.

Happy drooling =)