Friday, September 30, 2011

Red velvet Push Pop/Push Up Cakes

When I was a kid, I LOVED getting ice cream and candy from the Ice Cream truck. My favorites included: red sour belts, pelon pelon rico, and lucas powder. I didn't have a favorite ice cream because I always felt overwhelmed by all of the different varities shown by the pictures on the truck. I remember trying alot of those character popsicles with gumball eyes...they kept coming out with new characters!

And, I did love pushups...especialy with the Flinstones on the packaging! They did melt rather quickly though. Pushpops...I remember getting them too, but I didn't like them too much because whenever I would try to pus the lollipop up, my finger would get sticky! Yuck! haha

Anyhow, I found these awesome push up containers for cupcakes!
Cake. Frosting. More Cake. More Frosting. Sprinkles!! What a great idea. And they're fun to eat.

And, here's a picture of one of my favorite cupcakes to make and eat. Red velvet and cheesecake. Sweet, creamy, tart goodness. Yum-o!

Oh. One more...Had to include an instagram shot! =)

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Yo Gabba Gabba Cupcakes and DIY YGG party decorations

There's a party in my tummy, so yummy so yummy yummy! All of these cupcakes came to the party and my tummy was happy!

I made these little guys for my neice's 1st birthday! Happy birthday Alyssa! =)
They flavors were: oreo, red velvet and vanilla.

The BF was in charge of decorations and you know, it's not easy to find Yo Gabba party stuff. You either have to go online or...well thats all you can do. So, the BF and I got creatvie! We printed a whole bunch of stuff off of and went to town on eveything we could find at Party City. We made lanterns, streamers, and bucket table centerpieces. Heres a look at em:

Here's a few more looks at the cupcakes:

Toodees and Munos
Plexes and DJ Lance Rocks
Brobees and Foofas


And lastly, here's an awesome pic of me and the bf. I made the Muno shirt last year for my neice's birthday, and Jon felt left out so he made one too! =)
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Birthday Cake Remix Cupcakes

Whew, it's been a while bloggy-land! I've missed you! It's just been a real busy summer...camping, trips, know. :) Anyhow, here come a whole bunch of pics of what I've been up to in the kitchen. Check these out...

I call it the birthday cake remix cupcake! =) The day I made these I was REALLY craving ice cream...more specifically Cold Stone's Birthday Cake Remix. But I couldn't go. So, I decided to make my version of it! 

It's a vanilla-almond cake with sprinkles (of course!), filled with ganache and topped with cake batter cream cheese frosting, and topped with more chocolate and sprinkles. Everything is better with sprinkles! It was delicious. Next time I make them, I'll be sure to grab a pint of the ice cream from Cold Stone...OR you can bring me some for my IS in a week! :D 

And last, here is Kiana who is showing you how to eat one of Auntie Treen's cupcakes! =) 

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