Monday, March 21, 2011

Almond Joy and Rocky Road Cupcakes!

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One of my favorite candies growing up was Almond Joy...come on, i know all of you know the jingle "sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't!" =)

Below is a picture of it for those of you that don't know what candy I'm referring to:

Oh and here is a picture of Mahalo, the healthier and vegan! almond joy equivalent, I love it!:

Anyhow, I've had so many different ideas lately for cupcakes but I was just so busy! I was excited that I had a reason to make some cupcakes; for my friend Cat's birthday. She mentioned she liked chocolate and fruit so I thought these would do well. I made her two kinds actually, half rocky road and half almond joy.

The Almond Joy cupcakes turned out good, although I may try a different take next time around. I mixed in shredded coconut to the chocolate batter and folded in sliced almonds. I topped it with vanilla frosting and sliced almonds and some coconut. The cupcake was good but it didn't remind me enough of an Almond Joy. Next time, I think I' going to put in chunkier pieces of almond and fill the cupcake with a sticky coconut mixture, so it'll be more similar to the real deal. Ps, yay for instagram for making my phone pictures looks kind of awesome!

The Rocky Road cupcakes were good too, it was a chocolate cake with almonds topped with marshmallow frosting and sliced almonds. I just wish I found mini know, the ones that come in some hot cocoa mixes? I wanted to throw some of those in there, along with almond chunks and not slices. Still tasted like the real thing though. =)

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