Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Match Green Tea Cupcakes

I stopped by Lupicia last week, and saw a teeny tin of matcha tea on the clearance rack. $5!? I'd always wanted to make matcha cupcakes, especially after I tried a version from Love at First Bite in Berkeley.

So, I ended up making Genmaicha Matcha cupcakes. Why, you ask? Because the tin of Matcha was deceiving! There was so much less in there than I though. So I did the Genmaicha and Matcha, or you like, double green tea cupcakes!

Heres a pic of em' fresh outta the oven.

After they cooled I tasted one, and was a tad disappointed because they were a tad dry. To offset the dryness, I brushed a couple of layers of a matcha sugar glaze on top of em.

And here is the final product: Double Green Tea Cupcakes with Matcha Cream Cheese Frosting!

Overall, I was pretty impressed. My recipe turned out a little dry, but I've been good about documenting my notes in the kitchen, so next time, they'll be perfect! I'll update when I get feedback from my guinea pigs...I mean, my co-workers ;)

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