Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Cousin RJ!

Yay! It's my take on Thomas the Train. He's not quite done in the pic above though. I made this for my cousins son's first birthday. So sad that I wont be there to help them celebrate this weekend, but I will be there in spirit! So I wanted to take a pic of what I had pictured in my mind so my cousin would know how to put it together. Thomas's face is sitting on a tupperware in this picture lol because we cant assemble him yet. So dont mind the gaps in the pic. But I am happy with the turnout, it is how I pictured it in my mind! lol.

So to help my cousin figure out how to assemble the cupcakes, I wrote all over the baseboard. I measured out and labeled which color goes where. And I think the pics I took will help give her a visual of what it should look like.

I hope he enjoys it!




  1. Great job, Trina! I wish you could've done for Alexa : (
    (This is A. Flo...I don't know how to post my I did "anonymous"...haha!)

  2. Thanks Auntie! :D lol at first i was like who is this!? until i read your name. lol. next time ill make her treats!