Monday, September 13, 2010

Fleur De Sel Caramel Cupcakes

Have any of you ever had that Haagan-Dazs ice cream called Fleur de Sel?

Well let me just tell you, it is amazing.. It's chocolate ice cream, with ribbons of salted caramel woven in, with mini fleur de sel chocolate. It is divine...well it was...I cant find it anymore :( Anyhow, I've been thinking about that combo for a while, especially since I saw the salted caramel hot chocolate at Starbucks (which I am totally craving now!), and after I saw Fleur de Sel chocolates in one of my local shops.

Since I was really craving these cupcakes, I thought about just buying store caramel, but I remembered seeing a Martha Stewart recipe for salted caramel. It was my first time making caramel, and it took a while, and I was worried because I didnt have a candy thermometer. I put my regular one in, thinking it would suffice, but it didnt go past 200 degrees! Luckily my dad had a thermometer :). The caramel turned out really good. I ate a few teaspoons of it. It was warm gooey and salty. Yum.

Oh, and thanks to Eddie who helped me find the actual fleur de sel. He sent me to this neat shop in Berkeley, called the Pasta Shop. While there I also picked up some orange blossom water for some petit four cupcakes, and some point reyes blue cheese (*drool*).

Anyhow, here it is: Chocolate cake injected with salty caramely goodness topped with vanilla buttercream, more caramely goodness and dusted with fleur de sel.

Also made these:
Tripe chocolate aka the CW. (chocolate wasted)...because these cupcakes have all the chocolate you could ask for and yes, they will get you chocolate wasted.

And lastly, here is a pic of the set up for the birthday pair, Jess and Eddie :)
My cupcakes with delicious smore's cups made by my pal ms.mer!

happy drooling. :)



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