Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hey Everyone! Merry Christmas! (a few days late :/ )

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the long weekend. I know I sure did! It was super busy and a lot of running around the bay, but it was good times as usual with family and friends. Anyhow I wanted to share my holiday treat I passed out this year...to some co-workers, and my little cousins.

Here they are:

Reindeer cake, er well cookie pops! I'd been wanting to try cake pops because ms.bakerella makes them look so easy and beautiful! Well, I must say it wasn't as easy as she makes it look. My crafty buddy Beth makes these awesome oreo truffles and I remember asking her recently why she doesnt try cake pops and she said it was because they are so time consuming...and man it is way way time consuming!

First I had to make the cookie batters for each (candy cane joe-joes [TJ's brand of oreos] and chocolate chip cookie dough, roll them into even balls and freeze them for a bit:

Then, I had to dip the stick into em, and roll them in chocolate, and THEN add the little pieces (eyes, nose, antlers). It's no easy task especially because the chocolate starts to harden while your working! Oh man. But they turned out just adorable didnt they?!

I dont know if you noticed, but I havent been posting and its been because I was on a little bit of a hiatus with cupcakes. I wasn't feeling inspired...but after making these puppies...I was so eager to bake cupcakes! :D I have ideas and plan to make some for new years. I made some for my sister's bf for Christmas and I'll insert the pic when I can grab it from him. =)

Anyhow, I forgot to mention after all of that work for the cake pops, I had to put them in little plastic baggies and tie them off...ay yay yay!

But here is the finished product; along with what the pops looked like:

Very Festive right!? =) Everyone seemed to enjoy them...who knows maybe I'll feel inspired to make cake pops one day!




  1. Thanks so much! I just spent a good half hour (and counting) browsing your blog! Yours are amazing and so creative! I saw you use a fondue pot or something to hold the chocolate...so smart! When I make these again I will surely use my little dipper crock pot to keep chocolate melted so I wont get lumps in the pops! :)