Monday, April 25, 2011

Cupcake Camp Seattle

Since we haven't had a cupcake camp here in the bay for TWO years, and I missed the big event in LA, one of my pals and I decided to make the trek up to Seattle to attend Seattle's Cupcake Camp! =)
First of all you can read my full review of the event on my Yelp. Big things that won me over at this event were the 1. You had to pay to get in, and that is because the $ went to the Hope Heart Institute (awesome!!). 2. It was SO organized! 3. Inedible cupcake vendors :) Some of the cons were that all of the participants were professional bakers and amateur bakers (like me!) could only participate in the decorating contest. boo! Also, there wasn't a very big range of flavors here...many companies only had choco and vanilla...too plain! I miss the adventurous flavors found here at cupcake camp sf. Also, my friend and I had a crazy hard time getting there! In short we got totally lost and had to walk/rent bikes to get there.

Anyhow, check out this neat punch card, which allowed each person 6 mini cupcakes, designed by none other than the amazing Cakespy!

Speaking of, I got to meet Jessie! Definitely one of my highlights of the day. I love love love the Cakespy fun and inspiring! =)

Cake featuring Cakespy's talent:

Here is the plates of our plates of cupcakes:

And here are some of my favorites from the decorating contest:

love love love the mini macaroon on top! cant wait to take my macaroon decorating class!

In addition to many many cupcakes, they had a couple of inedible cupcake vendors. One woman made neat baby cupcake gifts and another made these:

Cupcake Bath Bombs! You drop the cupcake into the tub and then the bottom "cake" fizzes into the water and the top "frosting" part floats to the top and is a body scrubby. I bought 2 regular sized ones and 3 mini's for $40 =) I haven't had a chance to try the out just yet but I can't wait to take a nice long bath to test them out.

All in all the event was fun despite the complications of getting there. =) I really hope cupcake camp happens in SF this year! Its been two years!!

Thanks for reading! =)



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