Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pineapple Li Hing Cupcakes!

Pineapple, Yum! Li Hing...?! What is that?!

Li Hing Mui is actually a chinese salted dried plum. It has a sour, sweet and salty taste. It can be found in most Asian markets. I remember going to International Market with my Grandma or Mom as a kid and getting these...they came in tiny little clear box...I loved them! My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

Nowadays, this little guy is very popular in the Hawaiian culture. It is also sold as a powder and oh boy, it tastes so good on basically everything. Well not everything. It is delightful on all fruits, especially pineapple and mango. And adds an extra yummy flavor to sour candy, like sour belts or sour patch kids. Leonard's also makes a malasada dusted with li hing sugar and oh my was it just about the greatest thing I ate that day!

I guess now its even used to make margaritas so next time I'm on the Islands I'll be sure to grab one. One of my other faves is Li Hing kettle corn. =)

Li Hing Mui (Dried Salted Plum) Li Hing Powder

When we were in Oahu last week, I made sure to pick up a large bag of Li Hing powder and we picked up a bag of fresh mangos and li hing. And that is where it hit me. I needed to make Li Hing cupcakes. I love li hing-ifying so many things, why not a cupcake!?

And bam, this is what came about:

A pineapple cupcake, filled with li hing pineapple curd, topped with pineapple cream cheese, dusted with extra li hing powder.

(wow that was a mouthful huh?)

The pineapple curd was so yummy on its own, but once I added the Li Hing, oh man it was on! The cupcake is moist and hits your mouth with all kine's of flavors! Sweet, tangy, salty oh my!

Here is a picture of the cupcake with the li hing filling goodness:

I only made a few cupcakes since these were jsut a test run, but I plan on making them on Sunday for some friends and will give em out at the O'tea 'Api performance at Newpark, so if you want one, better be there! =)

All of my other cupcake ideas have been put on hold and replaced by Hawaiian inspired cupcake creations. I miss the warm sun already!

Anyhow, thanks for reading.



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