Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter Cupcake Party!

I know, I know. I'm a few days late but hey, I know you want to see some yummy treats from Easter! =)

My family had been trying to plan another cupcake and wine party but it was so hard trying to coordinate everyone's schedules. So Easter was the perfect opportunity!

The cupcakes I made were Pineapple Li Hing. But since it was Easter, I decided to decorate them to fit the theme.I was going for a little egg nest with eggs in it, and it kind of worked =)

In addition, I was really excited to test out one of my favorite bloggers Just Jenn's Coco Puffs recipe. Unfortunately, my expedition did not go as smoothly as Jenn's. I had a very very hard time with the chantilly frosting. Nonetheless, they were yummy overall and people loved them! I made them mini size like Jenn suggested and people were standing at the table popping them in their mouths! Here is a picture of them, with a little Easter chicky. See how the chantilly is dripping and oozing down? :/ Why!?

Anyhow, back to the cupcakes, Here is a picture of all of the delicious cupcakes:

L to R clockwise: Strawberry basil by my sissy Mia (check out her awesome blog here), Strawberry-Lime bunny cuteness by Auntie Flo,
Suman (yummy filipino sweet rice dessert) by Auntie Mily,
Pineapple Li Hing by me,
Lemon-y Lemon by Auntie Chris,
Lemon with Raspberry Filling by Auntie Rach and Rayna,
Dark Chocolate Orange by Mama
And then some misc cuppies, and more Lemon Raspberry.


A close up of the bunnies:

Auntie Chris and Rayna excited to eat cupcakes!

There was SO many cupcake we had to cut them in 4's and there were still too many!

Me, with my plate of treats...sissy was smart and make her strawberry-basil cupcakes in mini size. =)

Everything was so yummy and I, along with most of my family was in a sugar coma for the rest of the day. Can't wait for our next cupcake party! =) Happy (belated) Easter!

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