Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Bday Dad - Kayaking cupcakes

My dad loves kayaking. Well actually he loves fishing and kayaking enables him to fish, so therefore he loves kayaking. :) So for his birthday I decided to make a mini version of him kayaking. His kayak isnt just any kayak, it's got all kinds of mods on it so I wanted to replicate it to make it look exactly like his did, so I used a picture of him to do so, and even went into their garage to check it out. 
Here is a pic of my dad with his kayak:

 And here is my fondant version of him :) He said I did pretty good, except I forgot his hair lol. This little fondant version of him is bald! Notice the details? It has the same criscross things (whatever those are?) and even has a fish finder, and a place for fish in the back. :)

And here is my dad, happy with his cupcakes and his little mini me. :) Happy Birthday Dad!

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