Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mod Monkey Cupcakes for Karisma's Birthday!

I didn't know what a mod monkey was before my cousin Kathy asked me to make them for her daughters birthday. Turns out these little mod monkeys are as cute as a button! German Chocolate and Red Velvet cupcakes covered with mod monkeys and some cupcakes are topped with my cousin Kathy's homemade toppers! Kathy always plans awesome parties for her kids! I always tell her she should do this professionally. So Kathy if you are reading this, I'm telling the world that you are an amazing planner and people need to hire you if they want an amazing party for their kids. :) 

Sea of mod monkey cupcakes:

Here I am setting up the cupcakes. An just an fyi I did not make the cake. ;)

 Here is the complete set up of the cupcakes :) topped with Kathy's toppers! Happy Birthday Karisma!

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