Thursday, May 27, 2010

Duckie (Disaster)

A duckie disaster?! What is that you ask? Well, I'll tell you. I learned a few lessons last night/this morning...but first, here's a happy little duckie sitting on top of a blue velvet:

So my auntie ordered these cupcakes for her co-workers baby shower. When we were brainstorming, we thought, red velvets are popular, how about a blue velvet!? Sounded easy enough when I thought about it in my head...but boy was I wrong!

I was pretty good with time too, I made the frosting two days ago, and made sure I had all my supplies and stuff. I also found these adorable liners at the cake store I went to in Sac earlier that day.

So my first lesson learned: One cannot make baby blue velvets. It just doesnt work. The cocoa in there turned the batter a dark muddy blue, and in my nervous state, I added other colors to try and lighten it and ended up with a dark green velvet--at least I'll know what to do for st.paddys or christmas! But I was so sad I wanted to start over...because they ordered blue velvets and not green!!

So second round, I added very little chocolate, and that still affected the color. I ended up with a more seafoam green than blue. Frosted em and decorated and passed out around 1am.

In the AM, took my mom to work, and on the way, I learned my third lesson: When you brake unexpectantly hard, cupcakes will fly all around. Fail! My beautifully frosted and sparkly cupcakes were flattened. So I drove home and defrosted, and then re-frosted. It wasn't that big of a deal, but man I was pretty upset this morn. And, I safely delivered them to Kaiser for my auntie to bring to the baby shower. Yay!

So here's some pics...and these are pre disaster in the car :p

Oh, I also went to Michael's and found that Duff Goldman (from Ace of Cakes) has his own line of baking stuff there. It's totally whack and overpriced though! $20 for a bucket of buttercream!? and $20 for a bucket of fondant?! Come on! That's crazynesss! I was a little intrigued by some of his the spray paint for cupcakes! How cool!

So this is a pic of some extra cupcakes I frosted using the offset spatula, and if you can see hints of pink and purple on the cupcakes, thats the spraypaint! :D I'm excited to try it out on flowers.

And I just like this turned out nice hehe

Ok, til next time bloggyland!



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