Monday, May 17, 2010

Toy Story Aliens

This is my cutie patootie cousin Noahcakes. It was his 4th birthday this past weekend! The theme of his party was Toy Story, so I made toy story cupcakes! Well I made cupcakes of these little guys:
I'd been calling him the Alien from Toy Story and I guess its pretty accurate because it turns out that their names are Squeeze Toy

Anyhow. Here are a few pics:

Me making the frosting...I think this around 9pm...super sleepy because I picked up my neices so they could help me...but it turned out to actually be a little more work lol. But we had so much fun all day, and when my sister came to pick them up, I recruited her to help me. :)

Happy Aliens, with some different expressions:

Here's a complete little guy (with a powdered sugar dusty face that needs to be cleaned) :

Complete! The cupcakes were s'mores: ghram bottom, vanilla cake with chocolate ganache filling and marshmallow frosting.

And this is how I felt after I was done: Crazy tired, but happy with the turnout :D

When I checked on the cupcakes in the am, I wasnt happy. The marshmallow frosting was so uncooperative...did I mention I made it TWICE the night before!? Argh. Sooo I scraped em all off and made a batch of my fave cream cheese frosting. It looked (and tasted) so much better.

Driving the cupcakes from Hayward to San Jose in moderate heat was not an easy task. The alien faces were drooping and frosting was melting...oh my! Luckily most survived. I did learn that when I make fondant toppers, its probably best to keep them separate and assemble on site.

Here is a pic of the happy guys at Noahs picnic:

And here is a pic of me and the birthday boy! I loved how I caught him asking his mom if it was "cupcake time yet" :] cutie pie! And it looked like everyone enjoyed them too! Especially the bday boy...two in hand and frosting on his lips...heheh Yay!


  1. thanks treen! you did an awesome job with the alien faces and the cupcakes were delicious! i think the only thing missing was some milk to go along with them! :)