Thursday, May 13, 2010

SF Bloggers Bakesale

Wow I am so behind on my blogging! Ahhh! Even though I'm like more than a month behind, the baking hasn't fact, I've been getting everything in line, finally got my business cards, and a nifty new blog title (thanks Auntie Rach! :] ).

So last month I participated in the first Annual SF bloggers Bakesale!

It was an awesome event hosted by Ms. Anita Chu ( It was a nationwide bakesale day for food bloggers across the US! We raised a grand total of $1650!! That is amazing! It was a fun filled day of meeting fellow bloggers, sharing delicious treats, and raising money for an awesome cause that is very close to my heart.

Here are a few pics from the event:

my grasshopper oreo cupcakes (chocolate mint and crushed oreos). Sold for $1 each...I was a little moded because I failed to read numerous emails that said to individually pack the goodies... luckily someone had this awesome stand for me. :)

And a few other shots of goodies all around me...

Speaking of Bakesales...I just wanted to let all of you know that I am hosting a bake sale in my neighborhood! :D It's gonna be on Sunday June 13 at All Saints Church in Hayward...from like 8 - 1 :) I'll have more info shortly, but just save the date and come hungry and ready to spend some $ on yummy treats!

Also....I have a few more shots of my little treats....they had a little photoshoot!

Oh and this is from March! Ahh I told you I was waayyy behind teheheh...its an horchata cupcake bouquet I made for my awesome boss. She loved it...success!

Tomorrow I'll be whipping up a batch of smores cupcakes for my little cousin, Noahcakes bday! Im excited because I'm making toy story cupcakes! I promise I'll get that post up faster than this post. :)

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