Friday, June 18, 2010

Guava Cheesecake

Look at the cupcake sittin' pretty...with white choco topper and cap'n crunch frosting...Yum....

...Just when you think you've gotten over how pretty it is, just wait till you take a bite! Check out the surprise inside!!

Guava + Cheesecake + captain crunch = creamy, cheesey, sweet deliciousness.

I mentioned a few days ago that I have all these cupcake ideas floating around in my head...its kind of like how Keri Rusell is in Waitress. :) But anyways, I wanted to tell ya'll how this cupcake came alive.

I was watching Cupcake Wars when it was on at like mindnight the other day, and wow that show is so intense! I don't think I could hang lol. But yah, so after cupcake wars Throwdown was on and the challenge was stuffed french toast. And the guy has this cuban joint in Jersey where he makes stuffed french toast with guava cream cheese filling and the batter is corn flakes and almonds...omg I really want to try it! In addition, my love for the captain crunch frappe from starbucks, and a recipe (I have yet to try) for captain crunch french toast also contributed to the cupcake. :)

The verdict: Oh man...its slightly tart but sweet and crunchy! You just have to try it! Whos hungry now? ;)


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