Monday, June 7, 2010


Yummy! These look like my hair flowers! Lol.

This was the first time I've used gumpaste. I'd made the flowers with fondant, but they were flat and I was hoping with the gumpaste they would be more shaped. It didn't turn out that way. lol.

I guess I should've researched it a bit more because I found what I needed was some thing called a flower shaper which looks like a shallow tiny bowl with a hole at the bottom (for the stem). So instead, I just formed foil into shallow bowls, which worked okay but the flowers still flattened out. I'll have to play around with gumpaste more, but nonetheless they turned out pretty cute! hehe.

Instead of dying the gumpaste, I decided ot use the cool cake spray that Mr.Ace of Cakes himself created for Michaels. It worked pretty well, except for when i tried to isolate the colors (ie: bottom right plumeria).

The other half of the order, I decided to do chocolate chocolate cupcakes with pink accents and glitter:

i've had cupcakes on my mind (well i have cupcakes on my mind all the time) but the list of cupcake ideas in my mind keeps growing so i need to start baking these experiments! the flavorsi really want to try are bacon...well facon for the vegetarian :), and spicy red honor of Eclipse! I can't wait, its coming out in two weeks!! I'll let you know how they turn out :) Thanks for reading!


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