Sunday, June 6, 2010

Princess and the Frog

I've never seen the movie, but this was the request. My interpretation of the movie from previews, pics and commercials:

As you can see, I did some frogs and some toppers: butterflies, crowns, flowers. They were a mix of chocolate and vanilla cakes with vanilla and chocolate frosting. Now, don't my frogs look like my favorite sanrio character, KeroKeroKeroppi!?


Just a little. heheh. Another shot of the froggy or keroppi hehe with the mini cupcakes in the back:

Heres a picture of final order. :) Mom's boss said the were a success! yay! She said the boys in her daughters class wanted the frogs, and the girls wanted the ones with glitter and flowers and butterflies. Now, I just have to go see the movie...I cant wait bc I loveeee disney movies!

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