Friday, June 10, 2011

Mickey Mouse Cake Pops

Oh Bakerella, you make everything look SO easy! My version of mickey mouse cake pops turned out ok...but boy were they hard to make!

I wish I found black candy melts in the store but i didnt. You can bet I will be stocking up around Halloween though! =) Anyhow, my awesome dad picked up some black candy coloring for me at the cake store so I could test these puppies out. This weekend (well, now actually because its 1:30am!) we're headed to one of my favorite places ever, Disneyland! YAY! We are going down to SoCal to celebrate my nieces birthday and celebrate a wedding with friends.

Anyhow, back to the pops. When I began coloring the melted chocolate, it started to thicken sooooo much. I had to add a whole lotta thinner to help it out and even then it was still really took soooo long to get it semi-right. So that is why I plan on stocking up on black candy melts around halloween hehe. The result was they didnt have a smooth nice finish like I'm used to ;p

Here they are! I made some minnie mouse by adding a chocolate bow =)

Another view, I <3 instagram because it makes my pics look so cool!

And lastly, here is a picture of the two very special pops I made for our friends. A mickey and minnie mouse bride and groom! I hope they like them! =)

Anyhow, its about that time...we're off to Socal! Yay!

Thanks for reading =)




  1. Hi Treen, I made Mickey & Minnie pops too and had experienced the same thickness after adding the black candy oils. I was told to use dark cocoa (but milk chocolate tastes better) and then add black candy oil. That way the dark cocoa is already dark and just a little black candy oil won't seize the chocolate. Loving your blog! My sister sent me your URL. Great job!

    1. Hi RHarris0324! Thanks! Sorry for the late reply, I've been busy but am back blogging! :) Nice thanks for the tip! Also, now michaels sells black candy melts year round, so we wont have a problem with the chocolate!