Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Feelings on cake pops

So, as you may know, I havent really been a fan of cake pops. Well I mean, I love love love eating them, and admiring them...especially Bakerella's amazingly beautiful creations. What I didn't love was making them.

The first time I made them was near Christmas. I made Bakerella's adorable reindeer pops and man, I did not know how much work they were and how long they were going to take! Baking, mixing, dipping, decorating,'s a lot of work! And what I had the most trouble with was keeping the cake from falling of the stick, and with un-smooth chocolate coating. Some of them turned out this guy below:

But after all that work, I think it took nearly 4 hours I decided not to make them anymore.

Then a friend asked if I would be able to make them for her and I decided to give it another go. I wanted to get some practice in, and second time....ay yay yi...same deal. Third time, I decided to do some research and really get this right!

And wow, what a difference it made! I followed directions to the T (I'd been taking shortcuts before, trying to get it done quicker and not refrigerate as often as I was supposed to) and I found out neat techniques to help smoothen out the pops and voila! this is what I got:

:) I know, the cake balls are a little lopsided but look how smooth they are! Yay!

And here is a picture of them nicely packaged:

So now that I know how to make them, I kind of like them. Alot. I can't wait to start experimenting. I'm not sure if I'm ready to take on cake pops Bakerella style, but I definitely want to start playing around more with them. They are a lot of work, but look how cute they are!

Now, here are some bonus pics of some cupcakes I made recently:

German Chocolate:

Carrot and Red Velvet:

Mash-up pic of the cupcakes and pops (thanks Instagram!)

Thanks for reading! =)



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